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USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope Vs Overnight Services?

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How to stop sending from killing your eBay company, decide between airmail and courier

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How to stop sending from killing your eBay company, decide between airmail and courier

How to stop sending from killing your eBay company, decide between airmail and courier

If you want to succeed as an eBay dropshipper, you need to get three things right, find a great product, get the shipping method sorted and find a wholesale supplier that takes care of you and your customers.

Your biggest choice will decide whether to travel by airmail or with an international courier.

Here are the factors you need to consider with each system:

Global Courier

A courier company is an organization that takes a small shipment of goods or a single item and gets it everywhere in the world quickly.

They have a standalone worldwide logistic infrastructure for trucks, aircraft and warehouses and are private entities.

While the location and time of year may affect delivery times, most couriers will be able to collect the wholesale item from your suppliers stock to your customers door in between three and five days.

You will also be able to follow developments all the way by visiting the courier website. By keeping a close look at the courier website you can also follow the goods from the factory store to the customers door.

In terms of price they are more expensive than air mail and get more attention from customs officials | and is increasingly checked by customs officials.


Almost everyone knows what airmail is, which provides it and how it works.

Airmail is the express service offered by post offices around the world.

While most of the terms are the same, they can be found quite easily by looking at the website of the various companies post offices.

China wholesale suppliers usually offer air mail services via Hong Kong mail, which can deliver products worldwide, provided they are small packages weighing less than 2 KG.

Posting items tend to be cheaper than sending them with bids.

As a result, shipping time will be a little slower than courier and delivery time may be from 7 to 15 days to and sometimes even longer depending on destination and time.

Items sent by airmail are also less traceable.

In general, the date and time the item left the senders country is visible, and so the objects journey through the country of destination. But the time in between is a mystery that is best known by the postgods.

Airmail packages will almost never be stopped by customs or taxed.

So what should you choose?

After years of experience in the dropshipping industry, I have come to the following conclusions.

Here are how these different delivery methods are measured in each of these fields.

Delivery time

Couriers are also faster than airmail to get packages to customers.

Airmail is a bit slower than courier, but it may take some time to go through the customs hall because the package is less likely to cause the package to be delayed by customs officials.

Couriers are fast and usually deliver in less than a week.


Airmail packages will not accumulate the taxpayers message as items sent by courier.

information Level

Courier companies are by far superior airmail providers when it comes to letting you know where your package is.

A courier will provide detailed tracking information throughout the delivery process.

Items sent by airmail disappear when traveling between countries | Articles that travel between different countries via airmail become invisible.


Airmail is the cheapest shipping method. Speed ​​and traceability have a cost, therefore, the courier is more expensive.

So essentially what shipping method you choose for dropship operations depends on your business model and your customer service plan.

If you offer the lowest prices, airmail may be an accepted option, provided you give your customers the lead time that is likely to take.

If you offer fast delivery and the best service, you can afford to pay a little more and get goods sent with bids.

Another option may be to let your customers decide which shipping option they want to choose.

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